Gathering Assessments

Unable to load MEASUR


  • Check your internet connection and try again:
  • Perform a hard refresh on the page in your browser or open MEASUR from a private/incognito window
  • If using a VPN or Proxy, try temporarily disabling it or accessing MEASUR from a different network

Submit a Bug Report

To submit an issue, please send the information below to
  • A screenshot of the error message, issue, or unexpected outcome with a detailed description of the behavior. For example: I visited Data Explorer and uploaded a single xlsx. I selected a header row and clicked the “Next” tab which caused an error.
  • The assessment, Treasure Hunt, Data Explorer data or other MEASUR exported data with .json or .gz file extensions that the team may use to reproduce the issue.
  • MEASUR version number (v) and platform used: Web, Desktop, PWA installed from the browser